My teaching at Babson spans all three of the college’s programs: undergraduate, MBA, and executive education.  I value this breadth because the audiences are quite different.  They keep me learning and expanding my range as a teacher. 

Over the years, I have taught various versions of the required strategy course in the undergraduate and Evening MBA programs.  I have also designed and taught two elective courses. 

One is called Solving Big Problems. It is meant for students who have an interest in a particular big problem or are just curious intellectually about them. As they get closer to graduation, it is an occasion for students to apply all the knowledge they have accumulated to understanding big problems and developing ideas for solutions, whether big or small. 

The other is called the Healthcare Ecosystem.  It exposes students to the variety of organizations in this complicated sector, how they operate, and their current challenges and opportunities.  The course is meant for those who work in this sector and want to understand it better as well as for those who want to switch their careers into this sector. 

My work with organizations is described here.   

I received the Deans’ Award for Excellence in Teaching across all programs.