Research and Writing

Leonardo da Vinci's Design for a Flying Machine. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Leonardo da Vinci's Design for a Flying Machine. Source: Wikimedia Commons

My research and writing reflect my curiosities and process of learning.  Research can be dichotomized as theory building or theory testing.  I do the former.  To get close to the phenomenon, I perform field research which includes conducting lengthy and multiple interviews, reading documents stored in archives, and reading scientific papers and patents published by those I am studying.  The work is qualitative.  It is a historian’s approach.  I write for academics, managers, and students.  Consequently, I have published teaching cases and notes, managerial articles, and academic articles published in management, history, and science journals.

Field research is slow, painstaking, and costly.  I have benefited from research grants from the National Science Foundation, the Eleutherian Mills-Hagley Foundation, and Babson College; and from the financial support provided by the Louis J. Lavigne Jr. Family Term Chair in Strategy and Planning.  I have gained even more from the kindness, support, and knowledge of Professor John C. Camillus at the University of Pittsburgh, Professor David A. Hounshell at Carnegie-Mellon University, Parry Norling and Vinay Chowdhry at DuPont (both now retired), Professor Michael May at Babson College, and several colleagues.   


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Ongoing Projects

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