Why a blog on solving big problems?

Many of us are interested in the big, complex problems that we see in the world around us.  We may want to solve them, even if partly, or we may just want to be better informed about them.  But big problems often seem overwhelming, difficult to grasp, and far removed from our abilities.  We don’t know enough about them, how to think about them, and how to tackle them.  It is these hurdles of information (what) and understanding (why, how) that this blog and website aim to lower. 

The blog will cover topics for the just-curious and for problem solvers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and managers, whether they work in for-profit or non-profit organizations or aspire to create such organizations.  It will be a moderated forum for opinions, ideas, and stories. 

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Big problems cut across disciplines, industries, geographies, and other boundaries.  Not surprisingly, information and ideas are scattered across the internet and in books, reports, journals, and other sources.  There is plenty of misinformation.  And sometimes not enough information. 

Associated with the blog is a website, a continually updated resource of information from trusted sources.  It covers a variety of settings where big problems may be found as well as ideas that may be helpful in solving them. 

Solving big problems is about closing the gap between the way the world is and what we believe it should be.  It is about creating possibilities.

What questions arise in your mind when you think of solving big problems?

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.
— Galileo Galilei