Facts: Trends and Snapshots



Because big problems are complex, systemic, and multi-faceted, data is essential to understanding them better.  Solutions often fail because they are based on an incomplete view of the situation.  And disagreements about the nature of problems, and therefore solutions, often exist because people don’t know the facts about them.  Below are some useful sources for facts and trends. 

Gapminder has lots of good data, graphs, and videos compellingly presented.

United Nations and Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations and Climate Change

Areas of work for the Gates Foundation

Global issues identified by the United Nations, issues identified by the World Economic Forum, and issue briefs from the World Bank.

Grand Challenges in Engineering from the National Academy of Engineering.

USAID's Grand Challenges for Development.

Several major issues covered by the White House.

Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations has trend data on population, ageing, migration, fertility, mortality, urbanization, and other factors.