Big Problems

Big problems are those that if solved even partly can transform industries, change the way we live, and greatly better people’s lives.  Examples include viable alternate energy, affordable transportation, addressing environmental damage, developing treatments for diseases neglected for economic reasons, alleviating food and water shortages, responding to disasters, bringing products and services to ignored markets, and many others. 

Big problems are multi-faceted, complex, systemic, and difficult to solve.  They cut across boundaries marked by disciplines, functions, organizations, industries, societies, and nations. 

Deciding what is a big problem and whether it is worth solving is influenced by our values. 

This Website

This website is a learning resource for those interested in big problems.  It is meant for the entrepreneurial individual and organization, and for those who want to inform themselves better about big problems.

There are many ways to approach solving them.  The emphasis here is on decision making and business ideas from innovation, entrepreneurship, and management.  Given the complexity and systemic nature of big problems, a purely technological approach is not likely to work unless it is complemented by an understanding of management and society.  The coverage is global.  It includes the past and the present.  And it includes for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.  But to keep the scope of the website manageable, it does not include the work of governments and public policy makers, essential though it is. 

Rather than provide an exhaustive list of resources, the information is selected by Gaurab Bhardwaj.  It will be updated and modified frequently. 

There are two sets of links on the Home Page.  One deals with general information about big problems and the other deals with particular big problems (with more to come). 

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